Transformative Patient Engagement,
Operational Efficiency,
and Competitive Differentiation

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Easy to integrate, implement, set up, and operate. Proven user experiences. Transparent, unit-based billing.

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Largely automated patient and provider real-time specialty therapy communications.

Clients/Users: Ops, Call Center, Technician, RN, Pharmacist

  • composes, queues, sends adherence- and well-being check-ins
  • securely notifies unique staff teams and people based on content and other business rules
  • provides therapy-specific, AE-level call script support for technicians, pharmacists and other users
  • enables setting of 'business rules' for clinical and administrative variables at location-specific and organization-wide levels
  • browse, filter, and otherwise query all data through a secure role-based web portal
  • get the big picture as well as essential driving details from analytics that have been designed through our years of experience deploying adherence programs

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Data Exchange and Connectivity

Import your patients into AdherenceRuntime™ in several ways with our data ingestion tools.

Export your WorkUp data to systems and partners outside of WorkUp.

Clients/Users: Ops, Trade Desk, Compliance

  • securely upload flat file data on an ad-hoc basis
  • POST patients and other data from your external applications into our RESTful API
  • set up automated retrieval from your own API or SFTP locations to enroll new patients or update existing patient data
  • deliver data to partners via our RESTful API or by file delivery to SFTP locations
  • send data to your BI initiatives, or update your EHR or Pharmacy software with data from your patients