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As a collective of spirited designers, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs, we cross-pollinate knowledge and inspiration from diverse sources, without limiting ourselves to the traditional concepts native to healthcare.

We have an unfettered vision of what the healthcare workplace can and should be - an engaging experience for both provider and patient, augmented by supportive technology.

Our Team

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    Kenny Engels Co-founder & Chief Executive

    Kenny guides Workup's healthcare innovations. He brings fifteen years of experience designing and launching successful mobile and web applications for WebMD, FedEx Office, Paul Frank Industries, Atari and others.

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    Unha Engels Co-founder & Chief Creative

    Unha loves to connect the dots between problems and experience-centered design to create products and experiences that move people. She brings 20 years of experience of design + technology.

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    Kirby J. Eng, R.Ph

    Extensive specialty pharmacy, payer, provider and manufacturer experience working for Onco360, CVS Caremark and CuraScript/ESI, US Oncology and Eli Lilly & Co. Responsible for specialty pharmacy strategy development, sales and marketing.

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    Irfan Baig

    Architected applications and platforms in areas of groupware, e-commerce, social networking, and learning for P&G, Nielsen, Ubisoft, AT&T and other major brands.

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    Grant Schoffelen

    Front-end engineer, entrepreneur of marketing agency for software companies.