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Improve Operational Efficiencies Related to Care of Complex Specialty Patients

  • reduce outgoing telephone calls to confirm monthly refills by 70%
  • reduce documentation costs relating to patient-provider communications by 40%
  • retire your Excel spreadsheets and Access database files, replace them with a system that tracks your tasks for you and your team, in real-time
  • have real-time access to real-world patient encounter information regarding drug therapy, and share it securely and seamlessly across your teams
  • direct positive impact on your time to fill, cost to fill, and cost of case management
  • improve your technician and case manager experience, bringing them closer to the work they love to do, without added paperwork and manual patient-tracking

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Create Better Alignment with Manufacturers and Payers

  • provide prospective and concurrent, as well as retrospective, patient-reported outcomes to Manufacturers and Hubs
  • act on real-time data gathered by WorkUp to prevent Rx abandonments and proactively address and resolve AE
  • integrate 50+ new data-points into your existing data-feeds to Manufacturers, greatly distinguishing yourself and your data
  • be a better adherence partner by guaranteeing a range of medication-specific protocols
    • AE resolution call scripts delivered in real-time in response to issues as they arise
    • medication reminders at the dose level that are free to patients, and incorporate all therapy-specific FDA-level detail (times per day, digestive rules, etc.)
    • specific day-of-therapy call scripts that are queued by the patient's real-world time on therapy, taking individual start, hold and restart days into account

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Achieve Competitive Differentiation with Payers and Manufacturers

  • your competitors accomplish 1 meaningful touchpoint per patient per month ... what if you could do 4, with demonstrably higher program enrollment and engagement rates?
  • your competitors cannot guarantee performance at the drug-specific AE-level of therapy, but you can control these variables perfectly:
    • allowable time which may pass before a structured response to the patient is given
    • what is told to patient while they are waiting for a pharmacist's or RN's response
    • precisely what content and assessments are conveyed to the patient when your staff-member connects with your patient to discuss the AE
  • capture, track and report your AE and refill issue resolutions easier, so you can show Payers, Employers and your organization itself, the impact and value of your programs
  • leverage our support for your payer-mandated MTM programs (i.e., Medicare Part D, NCQA), for:
    • patient identification
    • data generation
    • story generation ('reporting')
    • security, audit, and validation

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Improve Collaboration with Prescribing Physicians

  • share collected patient-reported outcomes with prescribers or assigned care teams:
    • hospitalizations and other patient-level status
    • AE
    • start, hold and restart dates
  • offer prescribers a simple and secure online registry where they can indicate the email address of staff-members who will receive your courtesy notifications
  • offer greatly enhanced coordination around refills, as WorkUp proactively reaches out to patients to find delayed and needed fills before patients call their MDs to inquire about it

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How it works

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Proactive Communication

WorkUp provides a solution for more efficient human touchpoints between your practice and patients. We automatically reach out to patients to collect key clinical data points, such as monthly refills, medication start dates, and adherence self-reports. Patients can also use WorkUp to send secure messages to staff to report side effects, schedule appointments, or request assistance. Messages are automatically triaged to the appropriate staff member so that they can respond promptly via WorkUp or a phone call.

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Business-Clinical Rules Engine

On a therapy-specific basis, you use WorkUp to set business rules for patient management: the cadence of reach-outs, their content, how to respond to patients' issues, and more. We apply these rules for you in real-time, so your obligations to patients and partners are met.

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Running business rules in the background allows WorkUp to be super-vigilant about patient care on your behalf. No more dropped issues; no more patients forgotten. Every patient issue or anomoly is tracked uniquely and escalated until it is resolved.