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WorkUp Quality Planner
for Oncology

EMR is for Filing.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems in use today fulfill their requirements to file a patient’s information away, but add little value to care planning and task performance.

Nurses are hurting.

In oral chemotherapy in particular, digital gaps between the oncologist’s selection of a treatment pathway and their team’s delivery to the patient of the actual care, are filled with Post-It notes, Excel spreadsheets, unstructured .pdfs, Google searches, and an overreliance on human memory.

Patients need guidance.

Non-adherence to oral chemotherapy is also a major problem. Current patient education and symptom monitoring tools do not yet enable the continuous, high-touch connection required to keep patients safe and on schedule.

“Nurses should be full partners in redesigning
healthcare in the United States.”

Institute of Medicine

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Quality Platform for Oral Chemotherapy Engagement, Monitoring, and Compliance

Our software allows nurses and other care coordinators to track where patients are and where they are headed. Nothing gets overlooked and patients know how to stay adherent.

Key Features

  • Patent-pending plan technologies to push QOPI, OCM, and any clinic-specified quality measures to the right people, at the right time, as easy-to-read checklists.

  • Personalized symptom reporting app for patients that delivers reports immediately to your staff by email, TXT, and direct EMR connection.

  • Algorithms for dose adjustments, and advice on symptom management linked to each patient’s report.

  • Experienced patient enrollment team which enrolls your current oral chemotherapy patients using scripts you pre-approve.

  • A personalized medication calendar for patients which intelligently shows correct days for complex regimens (e.g., Stivarga, Ibrance, etc.), and patient-specific times-of-day for dosing that allows patients to report their compliance.

  • A licensed Oral Chemotherapy Nurse, connected to your staff and triage process, who you may use for proactive patient engagement interventions.

  • Oral chemotherapy adherence and symptom report summaries, accessible on demand as well as integrated with EMR and visit schedule.

  • An “app prescription” feature that allows you to assign patients the task of self-reporting compliance and symptoms during vulnerable times in treatment.

  • Automatically deliver treatment-specific reminders for quality check-ins with patients, according to the interval rules in quality measures, and remove the need for Excel spreadsheets.

  • Easily create audit-worthy reports on oral chemotherapy quality and compliance across your organization, by tracking performance by measure, payer, team member, regimen, and other filters.

  • Innovative, largely free business model: you pay a small per-patient fee for patient enrollment only… the use of the Platform and technology is free to clinics and patients.

Cut out constant cross-referencing and detective work with checklists of prioritized and actionable tasks generated by our protocol expression engine.

Clarity for nurses means clarity for the patient. A nurse’s energy can be spent giving the guidance and support that moves the needle on patient adherence to oral therapies.

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As a company of spirited designers, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs, we cross-pollinate knowledge and inspiration from diverse sources, without limiting ourselves to the traditional concepts native to healthcare.

We have an unfettered vision of what the healthcare workplace can and should be - an engaging experience for both provider and patient, augmented by supportive technology.

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    Kenny Engels Co-founder & Chief Executive

    Kenny guides WorkUp's healthcare innovations. He brings fifteen years of experience designing and launching successful mobile and web applications for WebMD, FedEx Office, Paul Frank Industries, Atari and others.

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    Unha Engels Co-founder & Chief Creative

    Unha loves to connect the dots between problems and experience-centered design to create products and experiences that move people. She brings 15+ years of experience of design + technology.

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    Dr. Steven Eisenberg Co-founder & Oncology Advisor

    Steven is an oncologist who thrives on the human side of medicine. He's passionate about meaningful patient-doctor communication practices and healthy, efficient medical team-building. He's been known to write songs with patients.

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    Irfan Baig Chief Software Architect

    Ever since his first gig selling and installing 14.4k modems, Irfan has been smitten with the Internet. Since then, he has helped startups, established brands and non-profits find innovative paths to their goals through the smart use of bleeding-edge information technology.

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    Grant Schoffelen Software Engineer

    Grant wakes up every morning angry at bad UX. A versed software engineer, he uses deep research and complex coding to solve human problems.